New Agent? Here's 30 Hacks to A Successful Start

Dated: February 3 2024

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When you join eXp Realty you will get some of the best training available in the Real Estate industry. You may feel like you are “drinking from a fire hose" in the amount of material that is given to you in a short period of time.  But stick with it and learn all that you can and read these 30 suggestions of how to become successful in your new Real Estate career.

  1. Remember what you learned in real estate school about having 6 to 12 months of cash reserves? Take this seriously.  But you can still be successful if you have some other form of income from another source.

  2. Get your FREE New Agent Starter Kits are provided through eXp’s partnership with Build A Sign.

  3. Plan to give away at least two business cards every day. Put yourself in situations where you’ll meet new people, whether it’s at PTA meetings, Rotary breakfasts, grocery store, church or other organizations. Get out of your comfort zone to have relevant real estate conversations.

  4. Find a mentor in your local office. Then, shadow that agent on listing appointments and buyer showings. This person can be a great resource.

  5. Learn to use eXp’s client relationship management (CRM) software, KvCore. KvCore is one of the reasons I chose eXp; not only does it serve as a contacts database, but it helps me organize my day and stay on top of hot leads.

  6. Build your database. Enter at least 100 contacts into it your first 30 days. Include everyone that knows, loves ,and trusts you who can help influence and mold your career. Then find ways to stay in touch.

  7. Work with your sponsor, team lead or mentor to identify your goals in terms of income and lifestyle. Find your “Big WHY”. From there, build your business plan. Identify the actions that will help you meet or exceed your goals.

  8. Get all the tools you need to succeed, such as a laptop or tablet, smart phone, professional car, business cards and other marketing materials. 

  9. Establish a professional image by writing a bio and getting quality headshots taken. Use these to create full profiles on LinkedIn, and other social media platforms, and on real estate sites like eXp’s Agent Directory, and Zillow.

  10. Decide how you want to structure your business. Work with a local attorney to form an entity such as a PA (professional association) or PLLC (professional limited liability corporation), then send your application to the Florida Real Estate Commission (FERC) to move your license to that entity.

  11. Once you establish your entity, obtain a Tax ID Number and open a bank account and credit or debit account for the PA or PLLC.

  12. Create drip campaigns on your KvCore database or create a GMASS, Mailchimp or iContact newsletter account and add all the names and emails from your database. Send them monthly informational newsletters.

  13. Build a farm of 200 to 300 residences. Your neighborhood may be a good place to start. Determine how you want to farm the neighborhood. "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" has a lot on information on how to do this.

  14. Build a buyers’ list. Volunteer to host open houses for established real estate agents within eXp. Get these into your database and call them, email them, text them, go by their existing home and talk to them. These prospects may have to sell their existing home before buying their next dream home. Offer to list their existing home for them. Fact: It takes an average of 8 touch points to turn a person into a client. Touch points can be by telephone, postal mail, text, email, personal contact. Stay in touch and you do not always have to talk about real estate.

  15. Rather than send out notes to your sphere talking about your new career in real estate, talk about what you’re currently working on and the latest market update. Take the emphasis off of your inexperience and talk about what you do know instead.

  16. Attend homeowner association meetings and wear your nametag plus your REALTOR pin. This helps you to become known as the neighborhood Realtor. Be prepared with additional business cards, comparative market analysis (CMA) of your area. Have flyers for county market information.

  17. Educate yourself on the market you plan to serve. If you’re selling condos or new construction communities, build a relationship with the sales teams at these locations. For resales, visit as many open houses as possible. Schedule visits to some vacant listings to get a better feel for the area, construction and amenities these properties offer. Volunteer to do additional open houses when meeting with the Realtor on duty at open houses.

  18. Ask agents in your area if you can help host an open house on their listings. This gives you the opportunity to learn about the market and get face to face interaction with potential buyers right away. Plus helps you to build your buyer database and keep in touch with these new acquaintances.

  19. Many people start out with their sights set on million-dollar home sales, but one of the best ways to get to know your local market is by starting out at low price properties or working the rental market. Whether you work with a landlord to find new tenants or work with prospective tenants to find a perfect apartment, you’ll earn money, gain experience, learn the area and get to know people who may soon turn into buyers. You may search the MLS for rentals and check the fee that you will receive by just showing the property if the customer turns into a client and rents.

  20. Pick a neighborhood and drive by homes for sale in the MLS. This will help you get to know different areas of town.

  21. Call five people from your database each day. Invite them for coffee and reconnect. Offer to give them a market update. Use the call to update your database with missing information.

  22. Board participation provides the best agent-to-agent networking! Work together with leadership, committees, charitable foundations and community outreach projects.

  23. Develop relationships with at least two vendors, such as lenders and title companies. They have free custom branded marketing materials that can help you market your business and properties.

  24. Support your community. Participate in Chamber of Commerce events and attend ribbon cutting ceremonies for small businesses. Wear your nametag and REALTOR pin.

  25. Plan to attend the Florida Realtors Convention & Trade Expo. You’ll find some of the best education, technology and governance information under one roof.

  26. Studying your trade does not end with earning your license. To thrive, read articles and preview property hot sheets daily. Become the local expert.

  27. Attend the board and eXp classes that help you understand real estate contracts. This is vital so you do not create a legal issue unknowingly. Buyers and sellers want to know they made the right choice in working with you. Being able to answer their questions about the contact puts them at ease. Also, use the free Florida Legal Hotline if you have specific contract questions. 

  28. Boost your marketing skills. Learn how to use all the free tools that eXp has to offer for creating flyers. There are free apps available from your board for video and photo help, too. Plus you may want to try Canva or Photofy to create some of these.

  29.  Learn from the pros. Tap into the wisdom of successful people (in real estate and in other industries) by listening to podcasts, reading articles, gleaning tips in online forums and watching videos.

  30. One of the best ways to market yourself is to develop a specialty or niche. Check out certifications and designations, many of which only take a few hours to earn, then become an expert in working with seniors or helping military families relocate, for example. This type of specialization improves your marketing message and helps you build a reputation quickly. With these tips in hand, you’re ready to kick start your new real estate career.

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